Dark Sun - The Tattoo of the Lion

Burash's Battle Song

After the battle in the temple Burash chants this song in thanks to the party:

Temple Battle Song

Hail thanes and listen! // Heroes’ praise I sing
dust weary, lion-marked // death bringers of Athas.
Loud rang the battle laughter // laving damage,
corpse bane, glory maker // Caliban broke through
silenced the undying ones. // Skeletons cast flames
fire flew with deadly aim // foe breaker, Burash’s bane.
Al’Qyl and Gabriel struck // attacked the enemy
bones breaking into ash heaps // blackened piles of pain.
Rumel and Wil Alek // running forward
heedless of harm // hope bringers,
words spoke and oaths made // wellsprings of healing
washed over Burash // wakened him from death’s grasp.
That was good timing. // Thoughts turned to victory
lightning cracked forth // lashed the corpse walkers
left naught but stone & rumor // long-lived below earth.



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