Dark Sun - The Tattoo of the Lion

The Road Begins

The party was hired by Rhotan Vor to go and find his lost caravan of goods. He believed that a tribe of desert raiders would be able to accomplish this task.

They set off out into the desert, where they were attacked by a group of silt runners. Death looked to be a strong possibility, but the raiders fought back and quickly vanquished the silt runners.

Following tracks in the desert wasteland, the raiders found what was left of one of the caravan’s carts, but they also found a kruthick nest. A quick battle led to the party destroying the nest, and following the tracks of the remaining cart to a set of old ruins in a hill.

In the ruins, the band discovered that the caravan’s members were being held by a ssurian and more silt runners. The party fought valiantly, but were taken down, one at a time. With some quick thinking by Al’Qyl the tiefling psion and Gabriel, templar of Hamanu, Al’Qyl was able to finally finish off the silt runners.

As the raiders were recovering and checking on the caravan’s cargo, one of the caravan’s members grabbed Al’Qyl by the arm and whispered “The Kraken wears the crown..” He then doubled over in agony, blood came out of his ears and he died a violent death.

The band of desert raiders led the caravan back to Altaruk, where they were rewarded by Rhotan Vor, who then approached the band with a job to escort another of his caravan’s to Tyr, to take some goods to Karnel, the half-giant merchant in the Artisan section of Tyr. The group agreed, and set off.

About a day out of Tyr, they spotted something, and looking for plunder, they went to investigate.

They discovered, which at the time was unbeknownst to them, was a group of Broken Builder cultists that were “sacrificing” captured prisoners to the “Elemental Elder” and were merging fire and earth elementals into more powerful magma elementals.

With the help of a captured Dray sorcerer, the desert raiders were able to stop the cultists. They continued on to Tyr.

Once in Tyr, they made their delivery to the half-giant, who then gave them a counter proposal, to make their way to the Face in the Stone, to recover any historical relics and return them to him, for a price of course.

Little did the band know, they had been marked for servitude by Sarhan, a templar of Hamanu, who ambushed the group, leaving them lying bloody and battered in an alleyway, the only thing that was different was that they had all been marked by the Urikite templar, leaving the mark of Hamanu on them.

Al’Qyl studied the tattoos for a bit, and discovered that they had some sort of magical and psionic link, but he did not know to who, or why, but only that they could be used for some purpose.

Wil Alek, the human warlord in the band, found a little more historical information on the Face in the Stone, and with that, they headed out northeast from Tyr into the desert.

About 3 days out, the band came across a crystal spider nest, but made short work of them, only to find that they were quickly running out of provisions, leading to half of the group contracting sun sickness. Eventually, the group found their way to where they believe the Face in the Stone is.



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