Dark Sun - The Tattoo of the Lion

The Temple and the Crown

After the battle with the Red Chord mercenaries, the Stone Fire Raiders made their way through the doors, deeper into the temple. The discovered another room with flaming braziers and the rooms floor was covered in mummified and skeletal remains. As they entered the room, the dead bodies animated and attacked them. The battle was quick, with only a defiling sigil presenting the Raiders with any real trouble, but quick thinking got them all around the trapped area. In this room, along with the defeated zombie and scaled guardians, they discovered an old, rotting bag that held a gem, some coins, a magic potion and some cloth robes inscribed with ancient, magical runes. Burash claimed these robes as his own.

The Stone Fire Raiders moved further into the ancient, ruined temple, and discovered a room that was covered in fungus and contained large, humanoid shaped fungus stalks. In the center of the room was a 30’ pit, caused by the ground collapsing in that area. Caliban moved forward to investigate and was lassoed by one of the bloodthorn vine that resided in the pit. Caliban was pulled into the pit. Rumel and Wil moved in to assist Caliban out of the pit, and Rumel shot at a large fungus stalk, which then animated (as did 4 other stalks) and attacked the group. These myconoids proved to be more deadly than was assumed, since they were able to share and mitigate damage among themselves, and showed a tendency to give off spore clouds that were capable of incapacitating and damaging all of the Raiders. After a prolonged, damaging battle, the Raiders found themselves victorious over the myconid colony, and found 4 more gems, more coins and 3 more healing potions for their efforts. The Raiders were very battered and beaten, and needed to take stock of themselves, and had to stop their explorations to tend to their wounds and to “take a breath” before they continued on.

Following the last earthen tunnel that they had not yet explored, the Raiders found a room that was light by a strange, dim, flickering purple light. As they moved in to take a closer look, an adult Silk Wyrm, obviously not normal, rose from the floor, incorporeal and surprised the Raiders. This battle was touch and go, with 10 wisp wraiths joining the Wyrm to try and keep the party from discovering what was hidden in this room. The battle was not looking good for the Raiders, until they had the Wyrm critically wounded. As the Wyrm flew up and tried to deliver fatal blows to Burash, Al’Qyl and Rumel, Rumel used his bardic knowledge and skill to intercede on the Wyrm’s death attack, and killed the magical beast before it could deliver its dangerous bite.

Wil, who had earlier been forced into a 20’ pit by the Wyrm, found floating in the pit a fragment of the Crown of Dust, an ancient relic that originally belonged to Ul-Athra, but had his crown cloven into 3 parts by the Dragon. Wil thought back about what stories and rumors he had heard about Ul-Athra and the Crown, and shared this information with the rest of the Raiders, and what powers this shared was rumored to have, and the Raiders all decided that Burash should be the one to carry it out.

The Raiders made their way back out of the temple, finding the bodies of the hejkin that the Red Chord mercenaries had slain, and they also noted that the massive dust devil was now gone. As they proceeded out of the temple’s entrance, they found the bodies of the rest of the Red Chord, apparently slain in battle with the hejkin. As Al’Qyl took stock of what provisions could be taken, Rumel saw a giant, bone-fused moving citadel approaching them. Rumel knew, from previous experience, that this was the mobile citadel Slither, owned, operated and created by the Lich Raider Yarnath the Skull. Rumel insisted that the Raiders run from Slither, explaining that they could not possibly fight off the lich and all of his Yellow Skull Marauders. The Stone Fire Raiders used all of their skills and abilities to evade Yarnath and his minions, and headed back to Tyr.



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