Burash is a massive dray with scales the color of sand dunes at sunset.


STR 18
CON 12
DEX 12
INT 10
CHA 18

Level 3 Sorcerer
HP: 34
Healing Surge: 9 (7 surges)
Staff Implement
Multiclass Bard


Dressed in dirty desert clothing and carrying a staff, Burash towers over most Athas dwellers, more imposing in his presence than in his size. He is spare with his personal history, only noting that he comes from the Goldenclaw clan of dray in the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes. He seems tolerant of company rather than relishing it, but he is quick to give credit and praise when a companion earns it.

When not honing his explosive elemental magic, Burash can often be heard chanting in a deep bass voice. Snatches of draconic with its rumbling syllabics lie entwined among common phrases and imagery. When asked about his poetry, he snarls, neck ridges flaring in anger (or embarrassment?), before stamping away.

Burash carries a dispensation to practice arcane magic purchased by his clan inscribed on a bone plate hanging from a necklace of giant hair.


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