Caliban is tall, lean and has been bred for the arena.


Caliban is tall, lean and has been bred for the arena. Numerous disfiguring scars are a testament to the savagery he has endured as a slave and gladiator. He is missing his right ear, two teeth, and the pinky finger on his left hand. He wears a worn suit of scale armor, keeps a black obsidian sword strapped to his back and wears a spike gauntlet on his left hand. Caliban’s most distinguishing feature, however, are his eyes; one blue, one black. Caliban believes in the virtues of integrity and freedom but has a difficult time reconciling them to his own life of servitude and ruthlessness.

Caliban was an infant when he was purchased as a slave by Ari Obaleck, a notorious slave trader, arena gambler and loyal Sirdar to Hamanu, the sorcerer king of Urik. Caliban’s training for the arena began early. He trained alongside nineteen other children also purchased by Obaleck and he saw many of them perish in the arena.

Although Caliban never longed for freedom it found him one day. Traveling across the Tablelands to an arena match in Nibenay, Obaleck’s caravan, led by his eldest son, was attacked by desert raiders. At first Caliban took up arms against the ambushers but suddenly the desire for freedom welled up inside of him. He quickly turned. In the midst of the chaos and seething with hatred, Caliban found Obaleck’s eldest son, a cruel taskmaster and officer in Urik’s legions who often tormented, maimed and killed his father’s slaves for sport. Caliban pulled him close and drove his sword into the man’s belly.

Caliban escaped into the wastes with the raiders where he has lived ever since. Although Caliban is still considered an outsider by the desert raiders he now dwells with, they have a grudging respect for his ability to fight. Caliban has made a rough acquaintance with a few of the other bandits though trust does not come easy.


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